Welcome to Dumb Luck Poker!

Here's the rules of this game:

This is a one-player, one-deck game of poker!

You are the "player", the computer is the "dealer".

  • One deck is in play.
  • The deal order is:
    • Player (1 card)
    • Dealer (1 card)
    • The Flow (1 card)
    • Burn (1 card)
    • Player (1 card)
    • Dealer (1 card)
    • The Flow (1 card)
    • Burn (1 card)
    • The Flow (1 card)
  • The dealer is stuck with the cards they get.
  • Player can then do up to two individual card swaps.
  • The player chooses one card to swap and receives the next card.
  • A card is burned before swapping.
  • Best poker hand wins.

Got it, let's play!

Poker Hands

#1 - Royal Flush

#2 - Straight Flush

Four of a Kind

#4 - Full House

#5 - Flush

#6 - Straight

#7 - Three of a Kind

#8 - Two Pair

#9 - One Pair

#10 - Highest Card

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