Welcome to Heart to Heart / Herz Zu Herz

A variant of Knockout or Hope Deferred, this german game's task is to get the hearts out of the deck.

This is quick and painless skat-deck (32 cards, 7 to Ace) game of chance.

  • The game consists of three (3) rounds.
  • Each round consists of four (4) draws.
  • Each round starts with a freshly shuffled deck.
  • Three cards are drawn across three (3) columns.
  • If there are any hearts visible, discard them.
  • Repeat the draw four times (dealing 16 total cards)
  • When the round is complete, all remaining cards are shuffled.
  • Repeat three (3) rounds
  • If you get all 8 hearts, you win!

Got it, let's play!

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