Welcome to Jokers To The Right

This is a 100% original* Games By Darryl Solitaire game!

The concept is simple. Eliminate paris, and get the Jokers to the right.

  • The game consists of two (2) rows of five (5) cards.
  • Jokers start in the first column of five (5).
  • Cards are dealt face up in the next four (4) columns.
  • Match pairs to eliminate regular cards.
  • If a slot opens up to the right of the Joker, it moves.
  • Bonus: If you have no moves, you can use an emergency draw. Pull the top card from the stack to try and make a pair.
  • The game is won if you get both Jokers to the Right.
  • The game is over if you run out of moves.

It might be easy. It might be hard.

Got it, let's play!

* As far as I can tell, I made this up. If you can find a game that matches, I'll revoke my statement.

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